How to Transfer Maid Out

How to Transfer Maid Out

Step 1 (for a transfer maid): get a « Consent for Release letter » from the present employer; the letter should state the name and address of present employer and the particulars Foreign Domestic Worker (including her WP and passport number)

Step 2: Application for Work Permit with MOM (Ministry of Manpower)

Step 3: Reception of an « In-Principle Approval Letter » from MOM

Step 4: Purchase compulsory Insurances and Security Bond

Step 5 : Approval of Work Permit by MOM (with Letter of Notification for Issuing of Work Permit);

Step 6: Issuing of Work Permit: it is THE day when employee is authorized to transfer to her new employer or to enter Singapore, whichever is applicable.

Step 7: collection of Work Permit Card at MOM counter.

Steps 3 to 6 can be completed within 4 working days (including Saturday morning) ; but delays may vary.

Good to know : The whole process can be done directly without going through the services of an employment agency or maid agency. The Online process requires employer to have a SingPass and a Credit card.

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