Domestic Maid Course in Child Care Services

in Maid Agency Singapore, Domestic Maids are professionally trained and attended course in child care services (Child Care Course)

Our Domestic maids have attended course in child care services and are well-taught in the following:

  • Safety Precaution and First Aid
  • Monitoring of child’s movements so that the child is not engaged or exposed to dangerous acts or places
  • Pacifying a crying baby or child
  • Listening, understanding and administering of medication or meals to child
  • Bathing and taking care of the baby/child so that he/she will not catch a cold
  • Coaxing and proper carrying of a baby
  • Wearing and changing of diapers for the baby
  • Bottle feeding, sterilizing of milk bottles/pacifier and other toys if required
  • Preparation and cooking of food suitable for baby/child
  • Washing of baby/child clothes separately

maid training singapore child care

maid training singapore child care

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