Maid Training Centre

Our Maid Agency Singapore’s Training Centre provides proper, comfortable and conducive environment and dormitory for our Foreign Domestic Workers. The training environment will ensure that they are well-trained and happy.

There many topics to be taught in Maid Training Centre, they include:

  • To observe safety when performing household duties
  • To use correct detergent and equipment/tools
  • To clean and remove dust / dirt / stains without scratching or damage the furniture
  • To separate and identify the cleaning cloths for different usage such as for floor cleaning and for tabletops
  • To clean windows with the right methods and to observe safety precaution and requirements
  • To separate and wash clothes such as coloured or baby clothing
  • To change, wash and iron bed linen
  • To set and lay the appropriate cutlery for meals
  • To clean all furniture
  • To wash and clean cars’ interior and exterior
  • To do simple sewing for shirts, pants, skirts
  • To look after pets like cat, dogs and fishes
  • To do gardening and watering of plants
  • To check and understand care labels instructions on clothes before washing or ironing
  • To server as caregiver to elderly people
  • To serve as nanny to young and curious kids

Some photo snapshots of the Domestic Helper or Maid training centre.

maid training singapore The Maid Training Area
maid training singapore The Maid Dormitory
maid training singapore The Maid Dining Area

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